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Volunteer Opportunities

HOW Mentoring Program

An integral part of  Help Orphans Worldwide, Inc. is the adult volunteer who becomes a Mentor. Volunteers are trained using a specific  curriculum, that we designed specifically to maximize each young person’s chance to succeed. Each Mentor develops a one-on-one relationship to support their mentee, identify their needs, and develop a personal plan for the mentorship over the next 12 months. 


Mentor candidates are 25 years or older, have a college degree and have a history of stable employment. The college degree and employment history requirement shows that Mentors level of commitment, and that they are able to invest long term and not for just the initial “thrill” of being a mentor.


Apply to become A Mentor



Volunteers make our programs run.  You can get involved in a wide range of activities that we offer.  Everything from events to public relations.  We love to show our appreciation to our volunteers, we couldn't do it without you!  Each year we award a special recognition to our Volunteer of the Year.  This is usually the individual that goes above and beyond the call of duty. 

Become A Mentor
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